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Welcome to the Naoi Design website.

Naoi (Irish) means nine and you can find this number everywhere.

473-374 = 99 >>> 9+9 = 18 >>> 1+8 = 9
473-(4+7+3) = 459 >>> 4+5+9 = 18 >>> 1+8 = 9
Result always be 9 no matter what number you take.

Is it magic? No. It is maths and I am not a magician but a passionate designer who loves maths and using it for my projects. 9 represents the end of a cycle in the decimal system and for me also a final design on the end of the project. 

I am committed to achieving correct results.

I guarantee to provide an outstanding and creative solution.

I am knowledgeable and an honest person with diverse skills.



About me

Tomasz Orlowski


I'm Tomasz Orlowski, an
Graphic Design Enthusiast living in Arklow Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

In 2019 I was graduated as a Graphic Designer at Bray Institute of Further Education. During the study, I created this website to show my progress in the design field and also present how wide a diverse skill set I have.

Visual Pascal, HTML

My educational background is programming in Visual Pascal and HTML languages. It gave me a good understanding, not only how computer programs work but also taught me a structural approach to solving problems.

Virtual Tours

In 2003, I started my adventures with 360 degrees panoramic photos presentations named "virtual tours" which were directed at Tourism and Real Estate brands. However, for economic reasons, I had to end this venture but my love for photography remains a huge part of my business.


Photography has taught me patience and perseverance in achieving my goals. It gave me a good understanding that every photo can be a powerful visual communication between me and all audiences.

Adobe Bridge, Photoshop, Lightroom, Camera Raw

My favourite areas are photo manipulation and photo retouching. I am working using a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet.

Blender, Fusion, Davinci Resolve

Nowadays, even every medium-quality camera or smartphone has the ability to film. People do it every day. My fascination with film recording grew in parallel with photography. But the filming process is not everything. There is also a post-production process such as color adjustments and adding additional effects for example. I realized that this is something that I can do with this same passion and energy as photography.
I enjoy time-lapse filming because many things can then be seen from completely different perspectives.

Adobe Illustrator, InDesign

The world of vector graphics, page layouts, creative print media, and other digital publications is huge. Day by day I develop my skills in these areas and must say that the editorial processes are the most interesting for me and I also like to create vector digital image from scratch.


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Tomasz Orlowski

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